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— less critical, less peevish, less fault-finding. Men
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be denied that the object whicli John Hunter and his followers so sought
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tendency. Even when the disease is somewhat advanced berberis
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on the forehead. It is used in the form of an ointment in various
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gans play in life, and the frequency with which they
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is still a doubt as to whether infarction of the lung has taken
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These companion volumes have had a larger sale than any other medical
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Delirium in acute disease is readily recognized. The ina-
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from cold ; hemorrhage of the lungs ; dysmenorrhea ; sleeplessness.
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when they present rapid symptoms. This fatal termina-
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3. The mcmbars of the Police and Fire Departments, to
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interest to tell. We will, therefore, give them due attention,
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at times over a superficial cavity in the lung with a thin indurated
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the same ground as the preceding, this having reference to the
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of its conversion into the sulphide, the tongue and stools are
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so great in health that it might seem almost impossible to get
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and she was put to bed, having been under the influence of
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ed or not) included in that imposing envelope, in order to
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From a foot-note at tlie bottom of the page whence this
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The effect of certain emotions on the act of micturition seems
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several very remarkable modifications upon syphilitic
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great restlessness are prominent features of the case, this drug
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There follows the application, apparently as a result of it, a
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ferred to undue excitation of the nerves distributed upon the
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rhagia ; in eight years was pregnant seven times, and had
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with marked convulsive seizures. In cases of petit mal the drug
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the pulse rate, but if the remedy is adapted to the case there is
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ply to consumptive patients, for whom the early morning
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business. He was not seen then until March 18, 1913, when a call came
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improved, and was discharged. She had left the hospital
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"Sepsis, then, is the keynote to the selection of baptisia, but
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that hronchitis is probably the hereditary alfcction. The want
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in dermatitis and irritable conditions of the skin.
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four females, making three hundred and twelve insane
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with either substance. Both substances produce antisera which
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remedy, and as an antiseptic, both internally and externally, it
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and learn its normal condition. We find in disease that it has
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hour after its apparent abolition) that the dilferent nervous
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one of the most certain of drugs. After the spasms have super-
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pleuritic pain, or with harsh, harassing cough ; and in cough
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