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parturition — or immediately after birth, it is evident that on

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before, were a few isolated flocculi in the urine, and in another

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indocin indomethacin 25 mg

1 Parasagittal seT;tion of sub-commissural organ. 49 days. X 325.

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more or less coated. Yomiting occurs in a certain proportion of cases

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and it might naturally suggest itself that the products should be

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isting inflammation of the bladder, or when a renal abscess has discharged

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report of this case, cites two cases in addition to those which have been re-

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Relapses of typhoid fever are sometimes observed. Several examples

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creases with development, as is to be expected if it is assumed

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The hemiplegia is oftener on the right, than the left, side, for the reason

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is round to be sometimes the first manifestation of disease, the paralysis

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in different persons. The doses should be increased to the limit of tole-

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state, that this course would be the very reverse of that which

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The injection passed along the anterior tibial artery, through

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but in persons known to be subjects of the disease they ma}^ denote an

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ventricle, and at each next contraction of the heart the blood

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considerable or large size, projecting from the periphery of the liver and

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rod- or conuna-shaped fairly large granules (7r-granules), which

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finger, pressing the artery against the vertebral column, ma}^ be continued

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central nervous system which are directly related to the sympa-

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of the urinary organs, brought fully up to the existing

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three days. The sections were treated on the slide, following exactly

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majority of cases, is a traumatic ati'ection, and, as such, falls ^vithin the

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an eruption. Vomiting did not occur, and generally the bowels were

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case, so far as the net figure is concerned. In the most advanced

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must be remembered that the anterior part of the palate shown

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excited by the vegetable diuretic remedies, and the functions of the skin

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