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p. ];5S.— 21. A. A. Kanthack and WEsriROOK. Brit, Med. Journal, Sept. 9, 189;>. — 22.
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transmit an idea, sensation, or volition, as well as a large one, for any-
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of subminimal doses of living bacteria, so that we must assume that
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the thermometer ranged at 94 degrees, in the month of July, he made
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Nevertheless Heiberg's observations formed the starting-point of a
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the form of a highly antitoxic powder. Heat destroys the action of the
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arms often escape. When the patient is able to walk at all the gait is
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appropriate methods of staining, similar formations of threads of fibrin, often starting
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gesting principle was itself wanting, to excite its activity in that mode.
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Concerning the removal of other cell growths which interfere with
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pointed out in his lectures, to intermittent pressure and irritation of
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Thb undersigned are associated for the purpose of instntciing in all the branehee of Medicine and
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time — the last being a valuable stimulant to under-fed, ill-nourished
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tion is, for instance, well seen if the vibrio Metschnikovi be inoculated
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ask, does this differ from the spasmodic, convulsive movements which
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through a Berkfeld's filter, gave a precipitate with alcohol. This, being
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died three weeks after the onset. The spinal cord was stripped of its
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dies. A minute quantity of calcium chloride, on the other hand, whilst
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trees, and the observer was struck at once with the great antiquity which
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are distinguished by a marked degree of resistance to anthrax and septic
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attributed to direct introduction of the virus of plague into the skin.
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can be no doubt that the serum or plasma does contain such substances
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The lining membrane of the vessels and endocardium is blood stained,
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that, of the extravasated leucocytes, a varying proportion undergo rapid
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We should never forget that a vigorous manhood is the greatest of
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and thus removed from the body certain substances of vital necessity
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the administration of the thyroid gland ; and bone marrow acts like iron,
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bad led him to change his opinions. Therefore the argument that peo-
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attack and incorporate bacteria. The leucocytes having these properties
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the mortality compared to the morbidity, is still for England as high
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stances tlie Nile journeys on a dahabeyah are more restful and mostly
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was admitted into the hospital. Milk was given, but he became less
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approximately the same in both cases, the nitrogenous waste in fever is
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numerous with what we are pleased to call " civilisation," — mostly remain
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in some an organism occurred not hitherto found in other diseases.
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not to use too little of the antidote, and rather to force the treatinent
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staining very feebly ; spherules large and numerous, stain with basic dyes


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