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liver, womb, ovaria and kidneys. Sometimes they are found floating loose in tho

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of St. George's in the East^ from which it would appear that

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humour was very turbid. In this state the patient (who had pre-

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Dr. 6. Hewitt describes and recommends Huguier's opera-

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children, let them have plain food, with very little high "seasoning," and let them

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to render one year more memorable in its existence than another until the approach

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more regular. She now menstruates every three to three and a

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she happen to be more speedily delivered by consumption, or some other acute dis-

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round granules is hardly correct. A sublimate, consisting of round

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In this it is to be remarked that the vital activity of the cell does

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acquainted. Lying thus closely packed together, they next

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are to be expected, and the division of these may give rise to

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continued to improve thereafter. Baking and massage were

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air-cells filled with reddish, frpthy (mucous) fluid. The li?er,

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the enjoyment of bodily health, mental vigor, mutual domestic happiness and

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steady in their habits, suffer much from the elHuvia of the oils, turpentine, and

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variably present. The presystolic Flint murmur at the apex is

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Mechanical supports of any kind, by causing an inaction of the muscles, render

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qualities, may be defeated. Nor do we despair of the result^

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In the second group may be placed those who have a true in-

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tumors, salt rheum ; heart, liver and lung affections ; spinal disease, debility, fits,

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instance. The upper layer is of a granul^ substance; the lower is

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parietal lobe of the brain. The fourth case, E. C, was observed

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and she had been very noisy and delirious, requiring the subcutaneous


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