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septic symptoms followed, and the patient grew steadily
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as creating an obligation to which an oath can give no addi-
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The laboratory staff has been increased and the courses
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The fact that, in accordance with the principles of English
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examination. It is also proposed to adopt the credit system for
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gastric mucosa, after the contents have been measured.
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accidental and innocent, or induced and intentional, and there-
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and accidents are caused by them whenever, being diverted
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was negative there seemed to be no indication for spinal fluid
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ears are of an intense dark purple color. The cheeks are Bushed and
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heroism to the civilian work of most of it — though there is
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annual audit; compiles quarterly tax returns, annual
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appears to be dead, an undertaker is summoned. He comes
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of the wounding ? Was it a case of homicide, suicide, or
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fer, of Heidelberg. Edited, with additions, by J. Clarence Webster,
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First, complete con'-^olidation of the right lung, with five cavities
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of Malignant Ventricular Arrhythymias Using Antitachycardia Devices Sept. 395
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2 per cent, solution of carbolic acid. She successfully intro-
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mandated Medicare deductibles and co-payments, will
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the steamer City of Chester (Dumbarton to New York), on a
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the subject as a whole, various chapters being devoted to the history,
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later. Why wait for this day to develop an interest in endocrin-
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pages of text. Cloth, $3.00 net. In Saunders'' Hand- Atlas Series.
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only that what he has found is consistent with other evidence
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in your own mind as to whether you are qualified or not, let the surgeon
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The annual audit of the West Virginia State Medical
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eral inches, carrying with it a layer of ice that covered it.
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power to retain the outward aspects of chastity, there is some
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a pure protein. In the present instance two sets of experiments were made, in


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