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\/f OST PEOPLE in the United States and Canada have

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more readily than compounds of the aliphatic chain.

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income taxes; however, effective January 1, 1947, the

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series of patients with hyperproteinemia associated

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farm mare to produce a good-sized mule or work horse if she herself

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y.t tiif restdts ar.' pnthahly not primarily .jepen.lent on the ahlatitm.

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as to the disposition of packers to slaughter diseased or emaciated

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be some increase in lendlh of the vertebral columi\, althoujrh the statin*'

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;, ,'niNt.M-.' ..f M.M..1 an.l s^li.,.- s..l..tion .i-.'.l t.. a li.'a.t ....tsi.l..

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that the one reaches a certain end slowly, gradually, insidiously, and

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low at the same time. Also, there is no satisfactory evidence to show

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18. Graham, H. F„ and Hoefle, M. E.: Acute Cholecystitis,

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up and driven south into the so-called marsh country along the ocean

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the necessity of having manholes or unlocked gates. Solid doors could then be made to

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and Laennec (1781-1826). Through him they saw in pathological

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another, and with the disintegration a tendency to proliferate.

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appears that a large majority of the better and representative citizens

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11:30 a. m. Supportive Procedures, Charles H. Johnston, M.D., Detroit.

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portion of the hair, to insure their Identification in case the tag is removed. This method

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true that section 6 of this act provides that it shall be unlawful to transport

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12. Bernhardt, H., and Ucko, H.; Biochem. Ztschr. 170;

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hyaline mass in tohich only a few pale nuclei are ieen. The media i$

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scapular lymph gland. On the opposite side of the neck the pre-

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,,„l|,. „„-.-l.anism f..r tla- int.L'niti..n ..f s.-nvriun-morial nnafres. It is

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knowingly or wrongfully to alter, deface, or destroy, or to fail to deface or destroy, any of

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appear more numerous, in others less frequent than normal. None of them

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yellow. A dressing room for the accommodation of 28 girls, who work in this room, is

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there were in 1903 in Denmark 19 special high schools in agriculture,

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ties: Andrew. Atchison. Buchanan, Caldwell, Carroll, Clay,


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