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the renewal of his health in such a climate ! A climate where the

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accepted, exophthalmic goiter is probably of thyroid origin and is dependent

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erful and effectual fedative." — See his Reports, 2d edit. p. 72.

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Orthostatic hour-glass stomach, with extreme stasis in erect position, due to

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quainting yourself witli the facts set forth in the following paragraphs

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By reason of the change whicli occurs in the blood,

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Sir : Dr. Beaven Rake, of Trinidad Leper Asylum, re-

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dry (suggesting amyloid, which the" tests failed to

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tisk Middel. (Electrical illumination of the bones of the

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vanced stage of the disease, the prostration is great. Slight exertion occa-

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' tincture. In connection with the hypodermic injection

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the theory. Opium and quinine are the two remedies having

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tobacco and the inside bark of a species of the Cornus coricca.

prazosin and cpk

or other chronic alterations in and about the appendix, must be carefully

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lens the best effect is by no means always at once obtained, since fre-

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difficult was undertaken. And if he possessed lenses and con-

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sions. A pale, abundant urine of low specific gravity (urina spastica)

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climacterium and menstruation are well known ; and in infants irregular

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of war in happ}', though subdued humour, moderate health, and

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There has been considerable speculation as to the cause of the

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sedatives whatever, diet and mild hydrotherapy compris-

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Power of various Anaesthetic Agents — including chloroform,

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and the dead. In the article upon " amputation of the lower jaw," at page

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the question of what to do taxes the judge- ble practice in the hands of the very select

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effusion is always serious. Empyema is rarely recovered from. Pneu-


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