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From these results it may be considered as established that implanted
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scapular pain of but short duration. 2. That the case
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likely to be encountered will be to distinguish between the milder forms
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mentions that the forces remaining on the English squadron an-
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improve, both in his general condition and in the appearance of the
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Case 3. Male, aged 28 years, a patient of Dr. M. M. Spitz, of Mil-
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his treatment, and we made a larger opening in the vein, from which we ab-
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a visit to Toronto in November last, after a consultation with
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Oph.y^eXL.) There are reported several cases of diphtheria of the conjunctiva
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Ophlh. Eec, Chicago, 1898, u. s.,vii,o41-.543.— Moauro (G.)
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Nahrnngsmittelgesetzes und des zu demselbeu in naher
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and cognitive tasks (Fig 2). It is currently utilized
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Pelvic Disease as a Factor of Cause in Insanity of Females
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were too prolonged use of the eyes, with a poor light and a bad
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spoke in public — he had a very marked convulsion in a
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sorry to say, are "bone of our bone and flesh of our flesh" whose insati-


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