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raised, by over-action of the gastrocnemii and solei ; the legs in

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value as a whip to the entire system — as a whip which

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as a rule. Dryness of the surface is most common, although late

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post-scarlatinal dropsy. Is it not, however, a doubtful practice?

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often hereditary, yet the disease itself will be found

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that a comparative study of the measures taken by them njay

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upward. Through this area the uterine arteries and the

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Bastian, Henry Charlton, M.D., F.R.C.P., F.R.S., Emeritus Professor of the Principles

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able to suppose that the little impediment that these offer to

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analysis, he finds that the diabetes occurs as an accidental

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directed to hospitals largely, and, from that time till a very

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available, the family physician ought to found in England. The writer is inclined

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voniting. As the latter symptom occurs in connection with obstruction

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sagacity will be abundantly tried in balancing the evidence of

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very prominent in individuals with thoracic scoUosis.

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very marked ; it is stated, however, that most of the cases have a

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eighteen sutures leisurely introduced. The bandage was

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or fifteen minutes, when you ask your patient to step out, the

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definable by abdominal palpation; constant and " deep sighing;

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and multiplication within the body sufficiently to give rise to these dis-

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be bulged outwards by polypi or other intra-nasal growths, which in some

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therefore assume that the disease is an hereditary failure of development,


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