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3 Very recently Arndt states that in his autopsies there was anajmia of the brain and its membranes ;
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foremost in advocating and proposing plans for the increase of hu-
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that the influence of telepine oil, aromatic substances, /3-naphthylamine, />-tolui-
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tricle four lines in thickness exclusive of columnar cameae ; it con-
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little patients dislike to be disturbed; light and noise annoy them ; they
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her arrival the fever broke out among the steerage passengers. Thus
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mat 2 mm. oil immersion objective, and Xo. 12 compensating ocular.
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no satisfactory proof of this assumption, at the begin: ing of these
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the theoretical values are plotted in the form of a curve and the results deter-
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tenderness are present in a greater or less degree. These gastric symp-
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organisms was used. Tube 1 in each case contained 0.3 cc. of bacterial emulsion
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of abscess. Softening may be mistaken for abscess. The age of the
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dangerous symptom. Four or five days may pass before the patient can be
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showed the first fibrin formation at the end of 7 minutes. Coagula-
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their labours to a close, the result of which is here submitted.
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symptoms appeared ; in some cases the tetanic svmptoms were ob-
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a very severe diarrhoea developed, which was with great difficulty control-
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oca, sago — such vegetables as potatoes, parsnips, turnips, carrots, beans,
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Since the appearance of the paper of Dr. Bigelow, several other
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tion is dependent upon the environmental conditions. The prolif-
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to the natural antibodies of such individuals. When early conl
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professional men as this, would surely have an influence.
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interesting case of double homicide, in which the writer
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as to interfere greatly with the operations of the surgeon ; instead
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peculiar, so indescribable, in the features of the latter, that like typhus.
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to be warmly clothed in flannel ; friction, moderate exercise, shampooing,
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during pregnancy unless he is in the tertiary stage. Syphilitic mothers
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great The line of treatment most likely to prove successful re-
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Infantile spinal paralysis. See Paralysis, infantile
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.Sub-'aciite meningitis. .SV« Meningitis, sub-acute, 982.
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was deemed expedient to determine the fate and behavior of these
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successful inquiry into the causes which operate injuriously upon
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sickly, sioeet breath, slow development, jaundiced skin, previous history,
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Arst (cancer case tseated locally ;. previously constipated and under
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has proved his main remedy. His doses are from five to twenty
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through subcultures, and growth in vitro can probably be maintained
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forty-eight received at the Marine Hospital, seventy-three died ; (or
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proteins exhibit a slight upward course in each animal, whereas the
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prepare resolutions expressive of the sentiments of the Fellows of
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(12) has reported persistent gall-bladder lesions after intravenous
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change of colour in the blood, produced by the application of ice
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long continued, that the baneful effects of it are most strikingly ob-
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beyond the periphery of the corpuscles to which they are attached,
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of 1846 and 1847, was presented to the Library, by the National
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inversely proportional to the iodine content). At the same time there was a
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a man aged twenty-six years; other particulars are not stated by


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