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tocracy of letters created centuries ago. They were

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But in order to render the suture or fibula more secure, it will be necessary to

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to make the box twice as deep, in which case it will be possible

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299.— Vas (B.) Veriinderungen des Rachens und Kehl-

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portion of iris drawn in bj' means of suction, never-

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any vacancy in their board ; and the mayor and recorder of the

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familiar crot(!hetH of the old ladies of liomo: " Kyo salvoH are

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we are at present considering. And though it may seem irrelevant to

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that the affection may be met with in quite young babies naturally

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to be hitherto unparalleled, to wit : the systematic examination of all

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bolates, as directed nnder Internal Antiseptics following. If no

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stages it is by no means an unfavorable sign, as in many instances it

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dryness of the tongue and saliva ; the veins of the face are swollen and

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to the ulcerated portion without fear of damage: for instance,

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It should be used in ten to eighty per cent, strength, and is

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microscopic evidence of salpingitis in either tube. (6) No

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into a complete idiot ; incontinence developed, her limbs

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constriction, free the capillaries and consequently equalize the circu-

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■ilth.iuu'h in u, .1111,1- iiu..Kiiii: ilu' liip j,.ini tl,,. inn. .niin.itr bom. 'ua~

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The ganglions of the nervous system were well known to Galen, and he claimed their dis-

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diminished in size, and are extremely movable beneath the

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otherwise. This line of treatment naturally assumes an absolute

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Hutchison has used and recommended the acid citrate

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figures of Apollo, Gentius, Mithridates, Aesculapius, Artemesia, and

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(temperature of >100°F) are particularly high risk for PCP.

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fourth days after infection. Such forms may, in some cases,

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what my critic truthfully calls "a mass of material," col

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fection, give him food, regardless of fever or anything else except the

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reached the segmenting stage, while the second group has attained

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Second, — That in view of their resemblance to simple

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or upwards and inwards, until the pupil is hidden beneath the upper lid.

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goes, is much more limited in extent than that of other exan-

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I would not be understood as stating that all hope ot

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in countries in which dysentery occurs, hence their frequency

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diseases aa result in predominance of venous over arterial blood, and

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Cornish Flux. Cream of tartar 10 parts, nitre 3 J, borax 3.

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