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a certain extent and where there is found a substantial

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some advise letting the patient sit up, if the attack be mild. This is a matter

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2. Bacteria that withstand drying and may convey disease when carried

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Diphtheria has probably played a considerable role in some epidemics in

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local applications have a limited value; but much comfort may be given by

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yet these conditions should be sharply differentiated. A large number of

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Septicaemia, when absolutely diagnosed, has generally been considered

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somewhat suddenly. If with this there is tenderness along the course of the

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1898, "Albuminuria is least significant when the specific

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Purpura is not likely to give difficulty for any length of time. The occur-

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nephritis 7 times, or in 4.7 per cent. — a higher percentage than in the

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Dysentery begins with diarrhoea and colic. At the onset the stools are

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quent. Otitis is always secondary in cerebrospinal meningitis and there is

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obtained in a considerable number of cases in cultures or in sections of

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may disappear in the latter affection with convalescence.

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cipitins and actual precipitates in the body but von Pirquet and Schick

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taken was very few compared with those at present assumed,

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successful.^ In September, Jesse W. Lazear, a member of the commission,

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is not noticed by delirious patients at all. Severe pain often, but by no means

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diaphoretic action and sedative effect, if pain is present, is Dover's powder.

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how the cholera could winter among us, but the writer has preserved cholera

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apparently rescued patients some die of coma. Cantani, who recommended

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