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Persons have been revived after remaining in the water several

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recorded as arising in the early stages of syphilitic infection (secondary

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absorption band in the ultraviolet end of the spectrum and that solu-

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of protean manifestations and that it often presents abnormalities of

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true typhus began for a time to show itself in very undue

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and such patients should be followed closely tor the first two weeks of treatment and whenever the dose ol enalapril

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regards the relative proportion of mild and malignant cases. In some

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ledges the favorable reception accorded to the first. He has endeavored to merit a continuance

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ated. All that is absolutely necessary is to deter-

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6. Bokus Gastroenterology, 2nd Edition, Vol. 2, p. 221, W. B.

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I'Jth. — Much the same as in niirht. \. llyil. chlor. init., ^\ x. ;

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pathology, the most reasonable and best means of curing tliis

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Bonn, 1894. — 86. Diller. Amer. Journ. Med. Sc. 1890, xcix. p. 329.-87. Gay.

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Richelot much favors Dolen's method of ventro-fixation. in which the

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the pancreas does not destroy the glycolitic function.

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which we know by that name — ^were given a definite collective

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called it, in the nerve-centres, he was never thereafter

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respiration, at other times it is extremely harsh, or the breath may be

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in the Dominion of Canada. This is well, as it will extend our

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fenting the true vaccine pulhile, have been dillributed, where thty

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physician in New England to make the visit of the Institute

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Edinburgh, w^'is ready to commence practice, the whole family

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in persons who become diabetic late in life. The general health is not

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who only after Such attacks have their hearts shown vagaries of

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as a sequel to canine distemper, and in which the neurilemma

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the action exercised by the liquids in question does not depend upon their

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acquire a just knowledge of the power of the forceps to

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word "lesion" is used by osteopaths to designate something

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about with an uncontrollable feeling of distress, which he is

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of adhesions, which all safe efforts for separation and removal cannot

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has reported the case of a school-teacher, who, two days

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divided attention of the medical officer for an hour or more to effect

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of organisms by the kidneys has been tested by experiment on

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paratively rapid and extreme deterioration of health and the blood exami-

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of gold or the nitrate of silver, changes in the intinia, which

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for three doses. The temperature and the pulse were

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was discussed by Drs. Hoover and Meltzer, the discussion being

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mothers and children, the reasons why forceps delivery was

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cases, reveals its pathological identity by the Klebs-Loffler bacillus. In


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