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George W. Stevenson, after an illness of four months, with a
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In each case rapid loss of strength soon followed the local trouble
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The weight of the evidence so far is to the effect that
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lived on the first floor. This proved the mildest case of the series. He
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sufliciently good condition to begin and to continue a
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octavo pages, making about six hundred pages per annum.
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a long time. Case 7. — A bad case of Cancer of the tongue; great
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Flavaxin Soluble "Niphanoid” is employed for the specific
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or from delusive reasoning, but most commonly the latter. It has been said
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WooDHULL, A. A., SUKGBON.->ReIieved from duty at Ales-
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Stafford; Newton Huslmell Hall, Hranfbrd ; Cyrus Edward Hurniston,
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Tlie bloodless method of operating recommended some years ago by Esmarch,
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breathing and pulse; and there is inflammation, swelling, and
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large anticyclone, lying upon the Continent, at times spread
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branches on one side, and the testicular bodies on the other side, can
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^671 A; «=»f dysentery, and that it must result in great good. From what we
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Mercredi mfed.. Par., 1890, i, 26.— Kiliani ( O. G. T.)
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and alcohol. According to Dr. Buckler, in combination
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removal of a portion of the inferior maxillary nerve within the inferior


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