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Wilkes, Grover C, Sylva, N. C. Med. Coll., 1916 J ..._ i 9 i 6 jqgr

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Even with a mortality of only 50 per cent, under non-surgical treatment it is

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line. I took it to be a case of malignant disease. In the course of

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alive, and "Deaths" means the deaths of those only who were counted

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the first departure from health was in the medulla of

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Most advantageously located in the heart of the medical center of America. It has Well-Planned and Well-

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dentally into some nosological inquiries, or into a

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eye of the catheter, and on withdrawal of the instrument


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quently it produces irritation, and stimulates the functions to violent

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and the result is a want of nourishment in the surface of the leg so that the

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fimbriated extremity of the tube and the uterus, and

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because the investigations as to the origin of tetanic con-

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Throughout the attack she looked very ill, and her expres-

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contra-inrlications: 1. Tuberculosis of any form in the mother.

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" The President of the Board of Trade, in reply to an inquiry

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As the want of additi..nal room has been much felt, the

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of our readers to the character of its contents, in the hope of attaining for it a

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and with ours seem to suggest certain lines of inquiry

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When given in large doses it causes cerebral congestion,

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certain amount of general neurasthenia. The painful

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and difficult snoring respiration. In sleep the character of the latter

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years have been given for sixteen years, and I think this was probably the

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of the seventh month, at which time the pruritus again returned with

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own more brilUaat one. — The Homeoparhic World, Januaiy 1, 1908.

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