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observed with absence of fever. Finally, the writer
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of the ureter being exposed, the following plastic operation Avas per-
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to be seventy-two per cent., the large mononuclears
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cost of the oiutment, a considerable amount of ointment being requisite
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the latter, the visiting nurse, aided when necessary
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he found sixty-five per cent, had some obviotjs gross
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charge, and that the throat and eyes are in a healthy
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She remembered that the vomitus was sour for the first
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arterial system although minute lesions here may be
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I have referred specially to salicylic acid as the active drug because
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ing measured 1.5 mm.; about it the intima of the vessel was lifted up,
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A'ezi's that in Kentucky there is as yet no statute
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former immortalized the buffoon — is not that the
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which are not as yet widely known, both being cooling and usually
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therefore, seems that, like chorea minor, many cases of habit-chorea are
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appears at an age when rickets has not yet developed, or sometimes
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and differential count of the white cells were considered
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Health and Marine Hospital Service for the seven days
With regard to the choice of cases, he lays down the rule that a radical
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the previously existing blood-pressure is low (Budd) ; (5) it is a bitter
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clusive in establishing the diagnosis of cancer, all
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to make experiments on other diseases. In climacteric disturbances he had
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bacilli must have penetrated by inhalation and that
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discharged as completely cured, free from all symptoms,
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of an active infection, and in thus limiting the cases
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cers scrz'ing in the Medical Corps of the United States
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gen eliminated in the feces was considerably increased. Ludwig attributes
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Philadelphia. — Work will be started soon on a build-
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applied topically, and for internal medication a pill of
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But it is difficult to retain control of the patient
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lation through the epigastric and circumflex arteries, which, it will be remem-
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An analysis of Table III. shows that splanchnoptosis is by no means
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temporary relief, but the patient does not get better.
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superseded by a special blend of the clays used for the finest kinds of porce-
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complained of. These carcinomatous prostates and the fibrous variety of
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In the analys's of this small series of cases which
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The writer recommends a pneumatic saddle, so constructed as to support
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will take care of patient and under no circumstances
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of the spirit from the rest of the house, and speak-
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surely establishes it of distinct value despite labora-


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