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passed unanimously. We should be glad <o find some other boards

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the British Institute of Public Health can become Fellows or

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tory laparotomy shonld l^e dono more frequent! v. The Chair-

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tation of animals and fish (in any state or form). Not con-

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separate fine ligature as affording additional safeguards from

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The winter session of the Medical School of Aberdeen

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Officer, doubly qualified. Salary, £Kio per annum, with board, resi-

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year's residence in Colorado after all symptoms have passed


Reid (ytafford-hire). Mr. H. H. Collins, and Dr. HiJI G'bsno having;


bad Commission is, I think, that it pointed out so very clearly

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from the sea. Accessibility of hospitajs is all important in the case of

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if passed, would have upon medical interests in Ireland. A

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extended round the stomach transversely, except for L' inches at the

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the first stage or tuberculisation patients the unilateral and

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C.B., Principal Medical Oflicer to the Local Government

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time removing some phosphatic stones which were probably

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the hands and feet are always cold and blue, and the plantar

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specimen of uterine fibroids. Di. C. Y. Pearson showed por-

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vestigation, exact references to the passages adduced in the

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Plana Committee were th^n gone over in detail, and it was

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localised in a particular piece of meat, the rest being

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most of the organs present their natural colour, although the

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officer. On January Gth, at about 7 a.m., the Kaehins opened

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mittee's report in .May. Until this report had beeu received and con-

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of the medical profession in foreign countries who have re-

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of that organism. It is reported that on December IPth,

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and this is still retained in the forceps in capital cases of instruments,

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Irish and Scotch Universities were expressly rejected, and an

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visited on Wednesday, March 22nd, by the Empress Frederick,


Calle San Juan de Dios