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afforded by hospital statistics, though not very clearly. It has
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lation itself has long been a puzzle to the learned. Johannes
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gentleman of position to have been in causing the patient to be removed
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paid, irregularly fed, and living lives of perpetual uncer-
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The Govermnent, lor the sake of a paltry dE^'uu.uou per year (writes the
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in its solubilities. The action of leucolytic agents is to pre-
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far as we are aware, novel feature of the new journal will be
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The precipitateness of the expulsion of the placenta would,
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Diseases of the Urinary Apparatus. By Dr. J. W. 8. Gouley. London :
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one of the surgeons, was received with regret. He had been
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that the indepfndent observa'ions of Dr. Boxall at the General
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manding a road. The Kaehins appeared to be driving this
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were generally recognised to be an advance on the views pre-
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registered in the thirty-three towns included 33 in London, 5 in Cardiff,
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•28; temperature, 108° in axilla; three baths in 18 hours;
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* The dcatli-rates are taken from the Registrar-General's animal
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the juice, and the results were forthwith marvellous. Dr.
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UIGHWORTH AND S«INDON UNION — District. Medical Officer and
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present system of certification of death for securing either
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have a slirinkage effect on proteids generally, and therefore
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Several cases of cholera have recently occurred at Lorient, and mul-
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resecting the intestine through the original wound and
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processes in organic things ; on the contrary, he had aflirmed
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for more than a year. x^^ew houses were certified when
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out of the loop. The loop might be loose because the elas-
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doubled. There is little constancy of type in the instances
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During thepast twenty -two years, the author of this workhas
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November 16th, l8Si!, we find that on October 21st, ISSU, the Secretary of
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the cut surface it is seen that there is a well-marked capsule
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haustive study of the processes of digestion in the amojba,
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ated, and the upper end of each humeral diaphysis diseased.
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culture medium is strikingly shown by the fact that protected
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t le arm through the shoulder joint, then, with the bone
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u' a copy of his letter to the Timrs of Ind a in explanation of the circum-
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the transverse and ascending colon for four years. Dr. Gal-


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