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Other Books of Hours are the following: T. 8. 18 (Dutch); T. 8. 28 (French rubrics);
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Begins (same page, next line) : INCIPIT prologus retractionis eiusdem . [rubric] | S [historiated
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Ends (same page, line 26) : valet colorem facie non habentibus II finiunt confectiones
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modern buff paper fly-leaves (iii 2 .). Two original paper fly-leaves (iv 2 .), iv. 2. attached.
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PHS Indian Hospital, Claremore, OK, 740 1 7, (9 1 8) 342-645 1 .
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marginalia (rare), vellum holed and otherwise defective, and patched, several initials
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9f x 3i> signatures all cropped, catchwords (many cropped) sometimes re-written, no
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excepting the very rare use of a darkened room for a furious
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influence and importance, to make some steady and determined
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ious matter from the stomach, by vomiting, the bowels are obsti-
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Difference of organization gives rise to difference of function anc ]
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guish between the impostor and the enlightened dental practitioner.
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the presence, o the absence of the water-mark, and — a missing leaf:
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saw him last a few months ago. He tells you he is tired and thirsty all the time. He is
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to contain more or less of mucous matters. The child, being perfectly
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every day brings to light new proofs of its prejudicial effects.
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grains of arsenious acid about 4*80 (0-311 gramme), 6 (0*389
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sistence of the brain were in no way obviously changed.
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the Edinburg Medical and Surgical Journal, for April 1831, advo-
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in the 2 1st Century. American Public Health Association . Washington, D.C., 2001.
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Samples of bottles/boxes for all types of insulin (actual or photographs)
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and being below barry, unde, of seven, (azure and argent lined with azure) ; on the sinister
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failed to enlarge the concave or flat areas, and he has therefore
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to produce more harm than good. The plan just alluded to, ob-
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the result of congestion, and so constantly is almost every imagi-
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tity of alcohol and opium without much effect. Here is indirect de-
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a (?) XV. Cent, hand: + to irapov [3i/3\lov iVdp^et tov ripiov rrpoSpopov ko.I fjv rts tovto e^eiXwv
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In such cases also, it is common to find that the bladder
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Binding: Millboards, half-bound calf, marbled-paper sides, blind-tooled.
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amination satisfied me that the tumor was the distension of
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faith in this remedy, although several American and English wri-
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Binding : Millboards, covered panelled (spattered) calf, blind-tooled sides, gilt-tooled
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consentement. En effet, le médecin à qui l'on amène un patient inconscient, n'a pas à
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to kinking of the pulmonary artery. There is seldom any
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is paid to the surface. Calomel and brandy given internally or
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The subject of nasal obstruction is such a large one, and
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gamboge, spaces in lines filled with gilt illuminated ornaments, no marginalia, vellum
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tients were between fifty and sixty years old; and four in which


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