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To all the difficulties that may confront the surgeon in these

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Case I. Obstructive dilatation ; non-malignant stenosis of the pylorus. — C. M.,

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sac. This theory is borne out by the murmur which, in the pulmonary

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have been provided by Roche for distribution to patients by physicians and

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cob ; put into a porcelain kettle the water in which

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to the back, P. P. over the spermatic cords and abdomen, five

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been opened, and its latest reports show that it has had since hundreds

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recently. The title of the book is '-A Kevised and Enlarged

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on this subject. There is still some question as to the part played

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astride the chair, holding the back with his hands and bending his

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with a wheezing noise; he gasps for fresh air, makes strong,

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sary for the hydrotlierapeutic applications, and also several bed-

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•quantities. The only disease likely to be confounded with

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be boiled in water alone, but the milk takes out the

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a certain number of observations which apparently have proven that

review a single-pill combination of telmisartan plus amlodipine for the treatment of hypertension

Le Venin des Serpents. Societe d'Editions Sc-ientifiques, Paris,

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wear and tear, and who have by excesses in alcohol weakened the

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means the habitual manner of inoculation. In the great majority of

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was to me a whole book on yellow fever — a personal experience of

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were I not to utilize the experience for the benefit of others who, like

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tions are fulfilled by the small intestine being in the true pelvis and

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these elements having gained access to air cells or terminal bronchi,

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side -sponge cup over the small of the back and kidneys, ten to

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theory of a genesis of tubercle from fixed tissue cells is Baumgarten,

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sults. There were 103 strong reactions, 72 ordinary, 41 weak, 11 )iU.

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bat the smoke nuisance and to enforce existing laws against black

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The Nominating Committee presented the following slate of

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these children, debilitated and with tissues starved through breath-

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decoction of yeast to wliich five per cent, of glycerin was added

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Fiat unguontum. Mix the first two, then add the third.

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the chest revealed to my surprise almost complete consolidation of the

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The treatment consists of measures to allay the gastrointestinal

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I cured Governor Yates of chronic diarrhoea, contracted in


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