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tion, the occupation, the residence, &c. of those in whom they respectively occur-
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ligneous acid, in order to insure a complete solution of any carburate of lead,
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snowy as 45 to 29. In the former, the prevailing weather is cloudy, and in the
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operation had been highly spoken of by Mothe and Guerin; I had mentioned it
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eyes appeared swollen and reddened, and their motion produced pain; ano-
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are simple, and founded on the well-known phenomena of reflex action.
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physiological research, we do not know of any other which has
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of guardians in enforcing the Compulsory Vaccination Act is
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" I ordered her to bed, with the intention of examining her more carefully. I
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they were so employed, but immediately on their retura to the open sea,
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hospital sixty-four days, when he was discharged, apparently
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out this rotation of the head going on.^ After a time J quite lost
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solution (National Formulary), using about i teaspoonful
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the northern provinces did the disease become fairly epidemic;
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was related in the paper, of a child two years and a half old, suffering from
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disposed to by the various evils which attend poverty and
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in the whole gamut of pathology as it concerns the health'
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fossils, some interesting means of recreation to absorb his
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be as brief as possible in stating the moral circumstances. The chemical
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Sometimes the most pernicious exhalations arise when there is no humidity
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expected that in a large proportion of fractures of the base of
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dislocations being old or the artery being diseased ; and that^
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the constitutional excitement moderate. Tongue furred with a light yellow
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charming valleys of Costa-Bella and Saint-Pierre-des-Horts,
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to effect a wandering or active migration on their own account. So
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gradually fragments of the dried organ until the whole is dissolved. Ni-
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Leone, on the sea coast of their own continent, the mortality, according to
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nised. Like the interstitial, the arterial nephritis is chronic
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are persuaded that they are numerous, of this defect. The pathology of the affec-
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49. Healthy Mppearance of the Internal Surface of the Stomach. — Very various
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It will be recollected that Dupuytren and Dubois experimented without success, with
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element meets with the muscular fasciculus. At the same point, or
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are naturally indicate by the susceptibility of the external
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boiled with distilled water; so also the matters contained in it, but the reagents
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repulsion of active idea. . . . The deep basis of all mental action
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some and mighty good to eat in the shape of Johimy-
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