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themselves of the advantages which the Continent then
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The cheerful, persistent assertion of the soul's prerogative
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intestine with impunity? The wide difference in the
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changes; but, on the other hand, where the lesion is supra-
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which observation had demonstrated, up to the present time,
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Chakacteristics of Animal Organisms. — Scientists have long
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of the Treponema is constant in the primary lesion and in the un-
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point in the diagnosis. Frerichs attaches much importance to the presence
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in the case of the optic nerve — a fact of importance in the etiology of
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Before the disease attacks them they are beautiful looking
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It is important to appreciate that the development of
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three or four months arises rather from the increase of strength and firmness
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classified, leaving only sixteen to which the term could be properly applied.
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Vaccines and Antitoxins — /)/•. Harold H. yewman 227
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tofranil severe side effects
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valuable time of the Members of the Profession, or exposing them
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sponsible to the Superintendent; and the order is perfect, the
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his life and power of work had been greatly crippled
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ulation. Fifteen cases, or 15.6 per cent, resulted in death, — a higher
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Winnebago G. M. Steele, Oshkosh ... S. B. Ackley. Oshkosh.
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front and above the pinna : this is due to suppuration in the
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Puerperal Convulsions by Hypodermic Injections of Salt Solution, Treatment of, 238
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arteriesy found that the vessels generally implicated are in the order of their frequency,
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The period at which these crystals first make their appearance varies some-
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if their cause is removed. Further, with the exception that children who
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organ and facilitating its complete reduction. (2) The perineum,
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much enlarged, and tympanitic over its entire surface,
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Julius Clarus, of Leipzig, who published a memoir on
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This approach may be justifiable from a prognostic stand-
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of syphilis. Occasionally phosphorus, antipyrin, antifebrin, exalgin, and
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arouse a public inten^st in this direction than any other
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paratively feeble, sick, idle, improvident, vicious, and short-lived.*
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Lectures on Hysteria. By F. C. Skey, F.R.S., late President of the
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Discnssion on the Diphtheria Antitoxin at the Berlin
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glyster. Three hours after this he had a tranquil interval, and
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the as yet unsatisfactory state of our knowledge bearing
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in the tirst live years ; but of the same number among the latter, 345.


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