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acceleration takes place, the rate rising to 30, 40, 50, or more. The

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resemblance to the clinical type of diphtheria, have to be included in the

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substituted translation of Section 13 wholly unintelligible.

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typical aureus cultures. Gelatin is usually liquefied after 2 to 3

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bolic chemistry of normal or diseased man or animal, is now undoubted,

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Unfavourable symptoms are great weakness and excitement from the

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Arabia, Iran, Russian Turkestan, and Afghanistan. Laboratory

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justifiable to adminster it under certain conditions, but not, perhaps, indis-

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inflammation is at an end, and further that cicatrisation may take place

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become severe enough to make the patient very uncomfortable

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to the highest of all codes and are untrue to themselves.

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the operation or administered the drug guilty of murder at com-

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diagnosis of chronic myocarditis, auricular fibrillation, and

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after carrying such a flag through the thick of the battle, had

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existence or non-existence of definite relationship. To illustrate

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the opposite side of the catheter from the one already holding it,

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indicate that orchard grass (Dactylis glomerata) is rarely the

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and may be serous, seropurulent, or even purulent. On section, the luno-

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intercostal space, 11 cm. to the left of the midstemal line. By

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the stock solution by diluting 5 ml of the latter to 500 ml

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(/) Except in these two instances and in culture of A.

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diffuse infections include measles, German measles, mumps, yel-

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nephritis. It is comparatively frequent that we find in cases of

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a. The typical responses obtained with suspensions of Proteux

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suspension required by use of the following formula:

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obviously make it impossible to compare the solution

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(2) In an electrophotometer the intensity of a transmitted

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ture that should lead to no confusion. However, certain yeast cells,

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A treatment for Paraphimosis.— M. R. O'Connor, M. D., writes to the British

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ing, ipecac, having the patient's head low as compared to the

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ammonium carbonate, hippuric acid into glycocol and benzoic acid.

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largely to the question of dyspnea. Although shortness of

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others. It is said, on apparently sound statistical evidence, that females


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