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Frequently it is felt below the spleen, and again it seems to come from, or

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and c'orpiisciiliir j)i;.;im'iihiti<»ii, liowcvcr, will l)e (lovclopod when the fever


tolic (*' fever") murmur heard over the heart. In the severe cases, during

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Sometimes latent pneumonia maybe mistaken for typhus fever, especially

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structure and about the Malpighian tufts being the chief pathological event. An acute or sub-acute

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largement of the thyroid body is due to a dilatation of its vessels. The

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find alternate stenosis and dilatation. On the tracheal side these bronchial

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fever. It generally makes its appearance when the eruption is at its height,

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not entirely broken off, and there is no displacement. This variety

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lead to active hepatic hypersemia. It sometimes occurs during and after

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brought about by irritation or friction or the presence of filth; A

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will decide the means to be employed. Sooner or later, sometimes very

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neys are completely arrested, so that diaphoresis cannot be induced, or, if

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Special credit is due Dr. George M. I^aughlin for valuable

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•whieh appears in a given locality will be exceedingly mild in character,

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and micrococci being present. In virulent cases there may be only one

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pan, the bottom of which is covered with a thin layer of powdered sul-

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For Reference and Rei^tration. FuU of facts and forms of the greatest value

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During the second and third weeks of the fever certain cerebral disturb-

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do not occur in acute atrophy. The presence of leucin and tyro.sin and


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