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On Physiology, Pa;holugy, Therapeutics, and Materia Medica, - - ** Da. Wabb.

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the mixture is subsequently placed in large closed vessels, and carbonic acid

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and her husband of tbe result of my examination. They appeared not

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perience is in favour of combining it with the administration of thyroid

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the promoters of the public health and human happiness.

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and adjacent parts, both true skin in one direction, such as that of the

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(1899) has shown that brain substance also contains preformed rabic anti-

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Microscopically this tissue abounds in multinuclear cells (giant cells)

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a hand unless he places the other underneath it, nor can he pick up any-

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Previous to the researches of the Arabians, little appears to have

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not necessarily condemn the process, but rather the insufficiency of the

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India rubber garments have fallen, as they were manufactured a few

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whole of the tissues of the pulp become implicated. Scattered through .the

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two fmrts of saline, matter, viz., the muriate of soda, and the phosphate

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Toxic effects sometimes follow the injection of the serum, but they are

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portant. This remedy, a notice of which has been deferred fer tlM

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'^ «&m, JSmguot 9, 1837. HENRY 0. CLARK, Iff.Dc

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Lustgarten's Syphilis bacillus also resembles the tubercle bacillus, but it

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and present the same lobulated character as do fatty tumours in other situations.

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all evidence, the experience of ages. It was not our intention, when

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absolutely necessary to sustain life. It is desirable that the increased fre^

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region. The breathing is slow and laboured ; the air-passages may become

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between laxative and purgative medicines, the &rst, which merely empty

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clinging to each other's neck with one hand, and grasping bottles and tin

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be the case, as evidenced by slimy or mucous stools, tenesmus, &c. The

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coming on late, it or any other haemorrhage (apart from melsena) indicates

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Hijjs slightly drawn back ; consequently the pelvis is carried forward and

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frequency of abdominal tuberculosis in childhood during life. Many cases

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to the dietary in early convalescence. No general rule can be laid

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as the disease gradually progressed to a fatal termination. At most some

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large cavities ; less m right. Larynx, trachea, and bronchial glands

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• Dr. HitgiiiboCtom ipeaki h\^tAf of cbe efternal v« of Bkrat* of ■ttrmr la praiMtl»ff kealthf

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from the skin. I have noticed it only in cases with septic complications.


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