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there most unpleasant if not serious consequences. Dr. John

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dyspnoea, lividity of prolabia, and frequenc}^ of the pulse. He was ex-

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diagnosis might hardly be considered as settled. After strangulation has

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great fears as to the result, asking at the sapie time other medical

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measles; and in all an eruption was present upon the back, below

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It is in the strumous affections of children that the cod-liver

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CO One-half to one fluid drachm In WATER or SYRUP every hour, ^

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though it resembled in some particulars the one communicated by

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but it was a duty not to withhold the expression of opinions, how

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inij her' last illness were that she was dropsical ; that there was difficulty

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ing fixed at a bifurcation, and they obstruct, partially or completely, the

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seldom recommended him without mentioning others at the same

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ca, and Experimental Therapeutics, Anatomy, Histology

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to!prove the exceptionally high reputation it holds

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shut his eyes, and if the tendency is to reel, it is another

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both the private pupils of Dr. Orant; and more especially by a

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fine flavored cheese from a New York dairy, of which he had

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cases are rarely seen prior to the occurrence of exudation, and that the

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Dr. Wilson was elected a member of the College at the De-

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scribed sloughing Avliich precedes ulcerations, is rare. As a rule, the

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bv Brachet, in a prize essay on the subject of lead colic, who stated that

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sac, peritonitis becomes at once developed. The escape of bile from rup-

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were freely opened, Dover's powder was administered, and a nour-

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appointment and appliance for the treatment of this class of

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of the blood, or a purely dropsical effusion. The upper portion is usually

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ditions from the various irritations and injuries to which it is

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tuberculosis. It is a popular notion that the afi'ection does denote a con-

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acts of vomiting, and, as an emetic is indicated for no other object, it is

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taste of the vomited liquid, the relative proportion of bile. It had been


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