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infectious diseases, the injurious effect on the host is so apparent

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about her condition and it was not until she went to

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quested to call the second conference on Feb. 12, 1948,

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i.nless «hen .such poisonous substances as camphor, chloral hydrate or

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it last.'il fur 10 .lays aft.T the .'atVi'iii.' ailministratimi was .lisconiinu,.,!

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St. Louis City. . . Edwin C. Ernst, St. Louis Roland S. Kieffer, St. Louis

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are only a small percentage of the carcasses condemned by Federal Inspectors, as it Is

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Neck Organs,— The thyroid appears normal. The epiglottis and pharynx

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such cases in the form of alcohol, which should be given in milk

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mans-® in 1934 first called attention to interruption

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enteric gland of a 3-months-old pig. The animal showed no other

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Clinical History,— The patient was admitted to the medical clinic of The

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to extend the inspection and improve its efficiency. On two or three

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that accrues to him individually from the systematic performance of

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2| to 3 inches in thickness. As the silo was only partially filled the

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and of the Various Chemical and Microscopical Questions Involved.

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appears as a loose, young, connective-tissue stroma, which does not com-

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for any one of these points. In addition to the ordinary post-mortem examination, hog

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of syphilis of the pulmonary artery, in which the evidence is not sufficient

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size and much greater size after several generations of systematic

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port shall not excuse the physician from making the

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jieratiire of man\ ileirrees helow zero causes less sense of cold to he ex-

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The animal at this stage usually lies down and remains recumbent

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left communicating with the air passages.*' Keith and Spicer lay stress

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the Kansas Nation and Osage Nation, Oklahoma Territory.

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understand that numerous combinations of lesions may occur which would require a

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the committee that it was the policy of the Department of Agriculture to cause the meat-

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and swine, their carcasses and products described in sections 3 and 4 of this act, and one

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At autopsy the heart weighed 750 gm. The wall of the pulmonary artery

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onlinary conditions this process of <////. .i./< yi/i/i/v/v is re!ati\i-ly slow, hut

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(Miiisiclcinlilf iiiiiiiluT of \c.iis, Tiic fnlinj;ciiit'iii iilTi'cts iiitirc imrticu-

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capsular adhesions. Occasionally red blood cells or poljonorphonuclear

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canned. It Is clean, contains a small amount of steam, and is lighted by natural

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Atiiipliv III' till' lli\iiii(l in adults i-aiiscs tlu' clinical conilitioii known

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