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the nuchis (from the fifth cervical nerve) are unaffected,
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to result in the establishment of the initial lesion of
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distinctly oparjue, especially above, where the arachnoid joins the pia on the
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perhaps a still further impairment, the prognosis would be very grave
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4. Wenyon: Report Wellcome Research Laboratories, 1908, iii, 122.
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irritability in the system of the convalescent, that the whole
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(children, a chimpanzee, etc.) in the anatomical labora-
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charge. It is situated in lovely country, having a fine Golf Links close to
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the oculist's blunder and inability to find tne true correcting
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mf. bancrofti and mf. loa so far a3 shape is concerned, but dif-
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the silent experiences of millions to be almost miraculously reviving, and which,
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tinguished services at Hart's Island and David's Island,
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origin in the course of several years. Zweifel has seen
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with imperfect or confused knowledge and with weakened power of
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Flexibility. — Flexibility exercises are an important com-
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and the thermometer in the axilla reached 105°.4. With the subsidence and disappearance
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12 per cent. The patient was placed at the beginning upon 7 minims
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tal, some lives might have l)een saved. A larg(! hospi-
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became much blanclied from the loss of blood, but he recovered.
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served these conditions for over twenty- ing the man was better, and he got well,
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symptoms of indigestion. These attacks are by no means
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throughout the day, entering with pleasure into the amusements and recrea-
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referred to one ear and sometimes to both ears. Sudden deafness in one ear
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As to apparatus for writing, they have only a palliative
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which the membrane of streptococcic and staph^dococcic infection
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a mere matter of course entailing no obligation, and re-
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rate cited above, no great amount of additional food is necessary.
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most famous of all the cures for heart trouble is at Bad iSTauheim, in
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griping tendency ; acetate of iron is less irritating.
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with almost complete aphonia, in which the voice soon
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The patient was aged twenty-two years, and was admitted under his care into
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more often glandular treatment is of no distinct and
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influence of sex is a marked factor, the condition being
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brachial muscles ; a tremulous, thick, and vibratory speech ; in-
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recent infections it occurs as minute dust- like grains ;
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ages have suffered. The only treatment of the diseased conditions and the
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with haemorrhages at the vein centres. The adjacent nerve tissue presents a
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Eky.sipei.\9. — Prof. Ilueter reports (Berlin. Hin.
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serpent which twisted round his staif, and which accompanied
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until the attacks had ceased, and then water was taken freely. Urine
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Color, conidial surfaces clay-yellow to chocolate; reverse of colony, mycelium
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have^one on with that until he had some strain ; then the symi>tom><
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