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July and August, 993; in the spring and summer of 1020;

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C.-^SE I. B. D. : age, sixty ; male ; laborer ; first seen Feb-

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in the laboratory of tlie human body when diseased.

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disease- -which includes ptoses of the stomach, in-

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some extent was afforded through fistulous opening in the

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the subject has been vigorously investigated and the

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getic efforts of the department since October of last year

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injection of the largest possible dose suited to the

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I. 3 to 5. February 15, 1910, I first saw Fischer's publication, with

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was quite empty. Posterior gastroenterostomy was done

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Hull, H. F., Passed Assistant Surgeon. Detached from

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tent. The cells were almost all of a mononuclear type,

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and distinctly graduated into ten equal subdivisions,

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of the different regions of the cerebral cortex, and

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bacillus by Koch, in 1882, but the lapse of time has

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myelitis in Monkeys. Experimental Medicine, March, 1910.

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^Physikalisclie Zeitschrift, xi, January, igio, p. 44.

anorexia documentary netflix

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served that he was able to see, to read, with the eye, with-

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