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India to the Secretary;:of State for India in lss6, asking to have extra pay
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favourable impression. The deputation were perfectly certain
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he could not conceive that the public had a more important
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called "spasms " are frequently recurring and do not yield to
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ment, as I do not wish to be identified in any way with the
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" invaccination " of leprosy less equivocal than the oft
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visited patients under medical supervision. The medical
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cleanliness, comfort, trouble, and expense, as scarcely any
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editorial business of the Journal be addressed to the Editor at the
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and, afier the rejection of an amendment, carried. *
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tion and excretion, and the small quantities with which one
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aneurysm. He referred to a case in which he had so treated
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Dr. J. W. ^MYLT, at a previous meeting of the Section, had
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there would be some distension of the abdomen. Such an
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larger than it had been before : it seemed, indeed, now to be chronically
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Wri'.ht- Sparkes.— On April 6th, at the parish church, Willesborough,
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(against 28.7 and 26.0 in the preceding two weeks), the rate during the
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they have every microphysical character of this, and in
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There are two other sets of cases in which there may be
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, (3)_ Section 7.— Kotice of the inquiry ought to be given to the
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considerable difficulty in obtaining a clear answer to the im-
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medical officer, whose salary does not include the examination and cer-
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cult branches of that vast subject. The task has been most
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tal ; J. C. Murray, St. Bartholomew's Hospital ; T. S. Novis. Lo, d..n


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