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perceptible murmur with the first sound of the heart. I prescribed

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coma, terminating in death. Horses, cattle, and sheep are

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first prize of $50 was awarded to (Jaiabed Varlanyan, of Syria, Tur-

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has the double advantage of preventing the bedclothes and the pa-

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returned in a few days with the membrane re-formed, and many were

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burned in such quantities tliat the vapor is capable of being

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yicMin'j. and that we dare not push this part of the operation too far.

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granular surfaces it is used as a stimulant and astringent,

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ently increase the force and frequency of the heart-beat, and

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tive root of the trifacial nerve receives certain Hbres from the root

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Attached to the hospital proper, and centrally located with re-

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horse is about 3 vi. of digitalis, or of HomoUe's digi-

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inodorous, very astringent and sweetish, tinging the saliva

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modic contraction of the muscles, kc, until 6 o'clock and 15 minutes,

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entirely, although at intervals for an hour a slight tendency towards

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Constituents. — Chiefly nicotine, Cjo 'S.^^ N2 (0.7-5.-10 per

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viz. : Russia, Saxony, Austria, Wurtcmberg, Bavaria, France, Hano-

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iij .i-ure on the value of land ; and as in this country, both in Lon-

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remedies for inflammation, or eradicated by caustics or the knife ?

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Sw., gr.T^-o-^ (.0006-.003); D., gr.^-^ (.0006-.003).

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lower cervical and some of the thoracic ganglia, had undergone fat-

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but the most prompt, and the most subduing remedies ? Had not

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Of the Annelids 400 specimens have been roceived, comprising 49

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forms an excellent remedy. Orthoform is serviceable in

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64th birth-day ; there are ruptures, varicoceles, varicose veins, diseases

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inhibitory influence of the vagi. The heart, during this

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Dr. Hall Curtis, of this city, late Assist. Surgeon of the 24th Mass.

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drugs, and therefore embraces Materia Medica, Therapeu-

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and nutrition, as tonics of various kinds, require time for

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