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would, nevertheless, suggest to those of my professional '
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where spasm persisted under ethei-. Lyujph on coils.
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frequent internal examinations are well emphasized,
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ment of minor nuisances which have no relation to public
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strongly of the opinion that she had given the girl
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minor cases besides the prescription work. On shore
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the stomach wall at the margin of an old ulcer, the
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was careful to avoid the coininon mistakes of over-
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the infection become quiescent, apparently more from an
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color, pale; specific gravity, 1010; reaction, acid;
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such a condition that any hope of its survival could
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long as such widely different views as to its treat-
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65%; red corpuscles, 3,720,000; white corpuscles, 10,700;
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the left, the left limb starting at the posterior bor-
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and an artificial anus is establishe«l which is dosed
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accumulating that the mountain resorts are as bene-
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Present history. — Four weeks ago he noticed a dimness
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proceed from McLean, 111., to Stapleton, N. Y., and report to
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Meeting was approved of" by the Committee of Council. It seems
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larly until the last month of her life, with no return
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the sickness of others. The fund was partially raised
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of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, Sept. 18, 1901.
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phia 7, Baltimore 1, Pittsburg 2, Boston 5, and Lowell, Cam-
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will fill a place of permanent usefulness. This first
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pain becoming localized in the right iliac fossa. Vomited
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diately after the injection, as it will be difficult
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cover the expenses of tliis Branch, whether the sur-
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hence, naturally enough, the student fails to see the
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ing learned when in doubt to consult Jonathan Hutchin-
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temporarily dilate the pupil, and if this were done
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tion, the length of the annual session, the time of
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Durm, C H. Observations on iodine reaction in children, 511.
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conclusion on facts ascertained by himself, or ought
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Was it Wise for the American Medical Association to Change
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vomiting, chills, diarrhea. Has had similar attacks,
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as when the nude figure of a woman, with the " pose
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does not constantly exhibit the paralysing efl'ect of
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drop of clear water against the edge opposite to the
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to be a large, permanent garrison, and a strong fight
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in .luly, 1897, and at first was not wholly success-
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original intention of giving us a complete transla-
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publication, subscription or advertising department of this Journal,
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We believe it would be better, however, to give one
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tion, and not the ability to perform successfully the
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